Vapor Bubble
Vapor Bubble
Type Contraption
User(s) Witches
Debut Appearances
Manga Chapter 2

The Vapor Bubble is a type of magical contraption that collects moisture from the air in order to be used by witches.[1]


It's a simple item that consists of two trays with a spell written into the lower tray. When the two trays are separated from each other, the moisture in the air is gathered into a large bubble of water. By tipping the lower tray, water can be poured from the vapor bubble.[1]

It is normally used to wash things or to drink in case of a need.


Qifrey handed Coco a vapor bubble after first bringing her to his Atelier. Coco was nervous about it at first after her recent horrifying experience with unfamiliar magic but Tetia reassured her and explained its use.[2]


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