Tartah Transparent
Japanese タータ
Physical Attributes
Sex Male
Status Alive
Occupation Worker at The Starry Sword
Relatives Mr. Nolnoa (grandfather)
Manga Chapter 5

Tartah is a young boy who helps run the magic supply shop The Starry Sword with his grandfather, Mr. Nolnoa. While he comes from a line of witches and isn't an Unknowing, Tartar has a disease, "Silverwash", which gives everything he sees a silvery sheen; this prevents him from seeing colors correctly, so he hasn't been trained in the use of magic.


Tartah is a young boy with messy orange hair and silver eyes. He wears a long, light brown cloak that ends in points over a simple pale beige shirt with dark pants and boots. He's not seen wearing it often but he also has a green pointed hat.


Tartah is a focused young boy who wants to be able to help the people around him. Due to his Silverwash, he has not undergone proper training to be a witch despite being born one. Because of this, he can quickly get annoyed when people don't understand his circumstances and he has grappled with how his illness keeps him from becoming a witch. But he can be incredibly motivated when he wants to help someone like he was with Coco when she was sick.


A Touch of Magic

Tartah examines items

Tartah looking critically over his work.

Tartah is first introduced when Coco is walking up the stairs in The Starry Sword shop. She sees him looking down at an Ink Wand he is carving, trying to make sure it is straight and even. Later, as Qifrey is trying to find his apprentices who went missing, Tartah mentions that he saw the girls run out of the shop, chasing after a witch with a mask of an eye that covered his face.


Mr. Nolnoa

Mr. Nolnoa is Tartah's grandfather. He lives with Mr. Nolnoa and works at his shop as a carver of Ink Wands. He seems to like his grandfather, as he eagerly shares talks with him about Coco when he befriended her after she got sick.


Tartah does not know Qifrey well but distrusts him as he seemed to have no memory of when a bright light lit up and shook the shop.


At first, Tartah did not take incredibly kindly to Coco. Coco was unware he was afflicted with Silverwash and thus asked him questions about colors to which he got incredibly frustrated and snapped at her.

However, when Coco becomes sick Tartah returns to her sick room to look for his hat and stays to help her. She then helps him by coming up with a spell to help him see the original form of certain medicines so he could find what would help her. Through this experience, he grows a greater appreciation for Coco and becomes friends with her, promising to make a special Ink Wand just for her and would use his own magic to travel and bring it to her.


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