Orugio 2
Japanese オルーギオ
Physical Attributes
Sex Male
Status Alive
Occupation Watchful Eye
Magical Specialty Fire Magic
Affiliation Qifrey's Atelier
Manga Chapter 8

Olruggio (オルーギオ) is a witch and serves as the Watchful Eye for Qifrey's atelier. He has a gruff way of speaking but his magic is often described as "warm".

He has created a lot of magical items, such as the Glowstone Path, the Snugstone and the Searneedle Wand. His specialty is fire-based magic.


Olruggio has dark hair, blue eyes, and a beard, and an appearance of vague unkemptness. He's usually wearing a mildly perturbed, grouchy expression.


He is very caring to the apprentices and gives them things that might be helpful, as well as rushing to Qifrey's aid, but every time someone points out he's acting very nicely, he tries to brush it off as something anyone would do or to his work as watchful eye.


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