Magic is a supernatural force created through complex runes drawn with conjuring ink. People trained in the use of magic are called witches.


Sylph Shoe Seal

Glyphs (also known as seals) are composed of three parts: sigils, signs, and rings. The sigil of the spell (or lack thereof) controls the effect of the spell, like weather it will produce light or fire, water or air. Some spells have one sigil, some have more, and some have none. Keystones determine how the effect of the sigil will manifest, like if the water will pour out on all sides, or if it will shoot straight up in the air. The size and cleanliness also affect the quality of the seal: larger seals are stronger than smaller ones and neatly drawn seals last longer than poorly drawn ones. Additionally, several small spells linked together with a ring or a line have more strength than a single seal of the same size, and they may have even more power than a full sized seal which occupies the same amount of space.[1] [2]


A sigil occupies the center of a seal and determines the type of spell cast. The five primary sigils are fire, water, might (or earth), levitation (or wind), and light.



Earth Wind Light Wind


Fire Sigil
Water Sigil
Earth Sigil
Wind Sigil
Light Sigil
Wind Underfoot Sigil

Signs (AKA Keystone)

Signs are arranged around the sigil and determine what form the spell will take, as well as its size and direction. Sometimes, they can take the place of a sigil, occupying the center of the glyph instead of around the center, like in the case of the billowing glyph at the center of the Dragon's Bed of Sand spell.[3]

Levitation Column Pulling Repetition Crushing Ribbon Billowing
20191014 155933
20191014 160000
Pull Glyph
Repetition Sign
Crushing Sign
Convergence Dispersion Float Collection

Dancing Puppet

20191014 160012
Dispersion Sign
Float Keystone
Collection Keystone
Dancing Puppet Keystone
Rain Keystone

The Signs Explained

For an in depth description of how all the signs work, visit the page Signs Explained.


There are several common spells used by the apprentices of Qifrey and other Pointed Hat Witches.

The spells (in alphabetical order):

A description of each spell can be viewed by clicking that spell's link, or by visiting the page Spells Explained.

Forbidden Magic

Forbidden magic refers to any magic that is drawn on the human body or affects the body, including healing magic. The forbidden spells (in alphabetical order)

Like the normal spells, a description of each forbidden spell can be viewed by clicking that spell's link, or by visiting the page Spells Explained.


Contraptions are magical tools which created through applying spells to items and often activated by simply completing the circle around them.




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