Japanese ユイニィ
Physical Attributes
Sex Male
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Status Alive
Occupation Apprentice Witch
Affiliation Student of Couccoureaux (Formerly)
Manga Chapter 19

Euini (ユイニィ) is a nervous apprentice witch studying under Couccoureaux. He has dark hair in bowl-cut.

Euini is first introduced for the second of the Pentagram Tests, the Knight's Loyalty, at which time he had already failed the test twice before.


His hairstyle covers his eyes completely, his eyes can only be seen in close-ups and when he moves his hair in such a way that his eyes can be seen beneath his hair.


Euini is a very anxious witch who worries about his own abilities and is very aware of his own faults; he confesses that he is most comfortable practicing magic when there isn't an audience watching him. Euini tends to think lowly of himself and that causes him to under-perform in any given situation.


Eunie joins Agott and Riche on the second of the Pentagram Tests, the Knight's Loyalty, which he had failed twice before. During the test, they are attacked by a brim hat witch. Euini is captured by the brim hat and forcibly transformed into a creature similar to a scaled wolf. The other witches manage to reverse the glyph drawn on Eunie enough for him to regain his own consciousness, but for the time being, he hides away in the woods with Alaira in order to evade the Magic Security Council.


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