Coco 1
Japanese ココ
Alias Savior (by the Brimmed Hat Group)
Physical Attributes
Sex Female
Hair Yellow Green
Eyes Gold
Status Alive
Occupation Apprentice Witch
Magical Specialty Spells with Straight Lines
Relatives Coco's Mother
Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Affiliation Qifrey's Atelier

Pointed Hat Witches

Residence Coco's Village (formerly)

Qifrey's Atelier

Manga Chapter 1

Coco (ココ) is the protagonist of Witch Hat Atelier. She is a young girl who becomes an apprentice witch under the witch Qifrey's tutelage following her initial accidental use of forbidden magic which turned her mother to crystal. She hopes to search the Tower of Tomes for the book containing the magic she cast in order to reverse its effects on her mother.


Coco is a young blonde girl with neat chin-length hair and golden eyes. Prior to joining the atelier, she wore a simple white dress while working in her mother's tailor shop. After joining the atelier, Coco now wears the apprentice robes of Qifrey's atelier.


Coco is a bright, cheerful, and optimistic young girl. As she was raised outside of the world of witches, she has a childlike enthusiasm for magic and observes even the most commonplace spells with wide-eyed wonder. The magic that inspired her was simple magic made by Qifrey's watcher Olruggio that caused the glowstone path to light up.

Her approach to magic is often simplistic and practical, focusing on straight lines and simple shapes, but she excels at brainstorming concepts and ideas that are often used by her fellow apprentices.


A Touch of Magic

One day as Coco was doing her chores, she saw winged chariots arriving at her mother's clothing shop. She bumped into the witch, Qifrey who was passing by to purchase some cloth. He observed her cut a piece of cloth and remarked that her skill was magic itself. Embarrassed, Coco told Qifrey that her fascination with magic began since she was little. Her mother had brought her to a castle fair, where she bought a magic picture book and a wand from a mysterious, masked witch. Qifrey seemed disturbed by her story, though he said nothing. After several kids accidentally broke the winged chariot, he offered to fix it using magic. Although Coco was not allowed to, she managed to witness Qifrey casting magic from the shop's rooftop.


Coco tracing magic to be more precise.

Later that night, Coco decided to try her hand at drawing magic using the magic picture book and wand she had bought. After finding relative success after a few tries, Coco decided to draw something more complicated. Qifrey snatched her away from the drawing at the last minute and saved her from an explosive light bursting from the magic circle. Whilst reprimanding her for carelessly drawing magic, her mother was caught in the forbidden magic and was turned to crystal. Coco was further horrified to learn that Qifrey would erase her memories for using magic, but he realized that she was his only lead to the Brimmed Hats, a group of witches performing forbidden magic. Qifrey decided to take her up as an apprentice in his atelier.

Coco falls asleep riding a Winged Chariot to Qifrey's Atelier. When they arrive, Qifrey informs her he planted gatekeeper thorn seeds to keep people from getting to her house and mother, to which Coco begins to cry, telling Qifrey that she had promised her mother that she would never leave her. Coco then meets Tetia, who teaches her how to use a Vapor Bubble, and Richeh, Qifrey's apprentices. The two startle when Coco explains she is not an apprentice and Qifrey explains to Coco how magic is kept a secret and magic drawn on the human body is forbidden, a decision made at the end of a war, the Day of Conspiracy. Qifrey explains to her that her best bet at finding a cure for her mother is to get to the Tower of Tomes-to do so, however, she has to pass some tests. She is then led to her workspace, which she learns she will be sharing with another of his apprentices, Agott. Agott arrives back at that atelier at that moment and demands Coco take the first test the next day.


Coco fixes her magic only for it to backfire and spray Agott with water.

The next day, Coco questions Tetia about magical items and borrows a book from her to learn more however Qifrey finds her and provides her with magical tools for her to learn first hand. Qifrey gives her a lecture on magic and then she begins to draw in earnest, ruining what Agott was working on and throwing Coco into a panic. Agott explains to Coco what she did wrong in drawing her magic and, satisfied, Qifrey leaves the two. Agott insists Coco take the test, allowing her to borrow her Soar Boots, as well as taking a Vapor Bubble and Magic Compass. Coco follows the compass to find the Dadah Range and is shocked to find they are floating balls of earth in the sky.

Coco takes up the challenge of the test, using Agott's Soar Boots to try to get to the top of the Dadah Range. However, she slips up and gets startled by a Brushbuddy, causing her to fall into the lake below, which then ruins her ink as well as the magic on the bottom of Agott's shoes. Night falls and Coco has not come up with a solution, and she begins to feel hopeless, briefly considering using forbidden magic but stopping herself before she could. She remembers Qifrey calling her abilities at her mother's shop magic, and uses that as inspiration to create a painting stone, and draws on the fabric of an abandoned boat sail. By morning, she is ready, and her magic makes the boat sail into the air. She grabs a Diadem Herb and returns to the atelier with it, meaning she successfully passed the test. However, when she tries to give the herb to Agott as proof of her competence, she leaves without a word. Despite this, when Qifrey scolds her for her rash decision to take the test, she does not tell Qifrey it had been Agott's idea, and Qifrey gives Coco her new clothes and witch hat.


Coco sees Iguin in the window.

Sometime later, Tetia douses Coco in water as Coco had been unable to control her fire magic. She explains to Tetia that she wants to fix Agott's boots for her, and had done everything except the magic on the bottom, to Tetia's amazement. Qifrey suggests her pen might not be suited for her, and decides to take the girls to The Starry Sword. There, she meets Mr. Nolnoa who gives her a tour, and she glimpses his grandson Tartah but does not get to meet him. He shows her how Silverwood Tree sap is turned into Conjuring Ink. Coco then goes to test Ink Wands to find a good one for her, but is distracted by the Brimmed Hat Iguin standing by the window, and runs out to confront him causing Tetia, Richeh, and Agott to chase after her. Once Agott stops her, however, the girls realize they're no longer in the town Kalhn and have been transported somewhere completely different, likely with forbidden teleportation magic, and there is a dragon after them.

Trial By Fire



Qifrey is Coco's professor, the two met when he passed by her mother's clothing shop and subsequently saved her from the forbidden magic she casted. He serves as her guide into the world of witches and magic. Unbeknownst to Coco, Qifrey is using her as a lead to find the Brimmed Hat Witches.


Agott is one of Coco's fellow apprentices and another one of Qifrey's pupils. Initially, Agott and Coco's relationship was precarious, as Agott looked down on Coco for being an outsider to the world of witches and being naive to the practice of magic, something Agott has worked endlessly to perfect. Agott was also the one who made Coco take the first test, the Consent of the Crown, in order for Coco to earn her place in the atelier alongside the other apprentices.

However, Agott and Coco's relationship has improved over time as they worked together. From escaping the Brimmed Hats' dragon to saving the travelers in the carriage, Agott has begun to see Coco as an equal and worthy of being a witch.


Tetia is one of Coco's fellow apprentices and another of Qifrey's pupils, and the first of them that Coco met upon arriving at the atelier. As Tetia was already an outgoing and friendly individual to begin with, she and Coco became fast friends.


Richeh is one of Coco's fellow apprentice's and another of Qifrey's pupils. Coco admires her individualistic approach to magic and is frequently dazzled by Richeh's creations.



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